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Robocop 2013 Movie News

Gary Oldman's Manager Joins RoboCop Cast

Robocop 2013 Movie News | Sep-11-2012 4:13 AM

Douglas Urbanski is better known as Hollywood superstar Gary Oldman's manager and as an Executive Producer (Tinker Tailor, Soldier Sp... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

Prometheus Props & Concept Art

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-10-2012 6:47 PM

Here are some new prop images and concept art pieces that [url=http://www.avpgalaxy.net/2012/09/10/more-prometheus-prop-concept-art-images/#more-13873... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

Prometheus Deleted Scenes Screen Caps Revealed!

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-10-2012 7:39 AM

Prometheus comes to DvD/BluRay in roughly a month, and will be avilable for HD digital download on iTunes on [url=http://www.prometheus-movie.com/news... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

The Making of the Weyland Med Pod from Prometheus

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-09-2012 2:29 PM

A new article highlighting the making of the Med Pod 720i which was used in Ridley Scott's Prometheus has been featured in a new article on Top10Fi... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

Prometheus HD Download Available For Pre-Order!

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-07-2012 3:45 PM

Prometheus is now available for pre-order on the iTunes store for $14.99 and will be available September 18th, 2012! That's weeks before the Bl... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

New Mysterious Prometheus Video + New Stills!

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-07-2012 2:39 PM

A new Prometheus viral video with Captain Janek (Idris Elba) has been released on the Prometheus viral website [url=http://www.whatis101112.com... Read This Entry »

Robocop 2013 Movie News

Positive Script Review Reveals New Info

Robocop 2013 Movie News | Sep-07-2012 4:41 AM

Last month a review of the script for Jose Padhila's RoboCop remake slated the forthcoming movie and its plot. Yet, a second review of t... Read This Entry »

Pacific Rim Movie News

Ron Perlman Talks Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie News | Sep-03-2012 12:29 PM

Actor Ron Perlman recently spoke with I Am Rogue in an exclusive video interview. Ron - who has stared in some other monster movies in the past... Read This Entry »

Robocop 2013 Movie News

Michael Keaton Confirmed as OmniCorp CEO

Robocop 2013 Movie News | Sep-03-2012 10:11 AM

It has been confirmed that Batman and Bettlejuice star Michael Keaton will be playing the evil CEO of OmniCorp, replacing ... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

Another Prometheus Orrey Image With Engineer

Prometheus Movie News | Sep-02-2012 12:25 PM

Another image of the Orrey or Star Map room from the Prometheus production set has been found. This image is not necessarily "new" but i... Read This Entry »

Pacific Rim Movie News

New Pacific Rim Movie Stills Featured in Empire Magazine!

Pacific Rim Movie News | Aug-31-2012 7:50 PM

Empire Magazine featured a segment in their latest issue on Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim Movie. A few new stills featuring Idris Elb... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

Pre-Production Image of the Orrey

Prometheus Movie News | Aug-31-2012 4:59 PM

A new photo of the Orrey Set from Prometheus has surfaced online. The pic itself is really crisp and clear and shows off the immense details wh... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

New Prometheus Still of Director Ridley Scott

Prometheus Movie News | Aug-31-2012 4:47 PM

A new Prometheus Movie still of director Ridley Scott has appeared online. The still is of Ridley Scott on the set of the Orrey o... Read This Entry »

Prometheus Movie News

New Prometheus Mobile Interface!

Prometheus Movie News | Aug-31-2012 1:01 AM

After some hard work we've finally got our new and improved mobile site up for Prometheus-Movie.com! You can now use the mobile interface on any smart... Read This Entry »

Pacific Rim Movie News

Pacific Rim Filming in Toronto!

Pacific Rim Movie News | Aug-30-2012 3:47 PM

Pacific Rim filming production was spotted in Toronto, Ontario Canada not too long ago but the setting was not for a Canadian city.. but instea... Read This Entry »

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