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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
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Alien Discussions Forum
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The FINAL Canon Debate

155 Replies
20 Replies

Ambiguity Debate - Q4 - Drones & Warriors

125 Replies
13 Replies
0 Replies
9 Replies
21 Replies
2 Replies

Alien origin

3 Replies

Alien Movement

4 Replies

I like Alien 3...BUT

48 Replies

Original 1979 Alien Trailer

8 Replies

A rare deleted Mural scene in Alien.

19 Replies
12 Replies

Xenomorphs & Domestic Short Hairs

7 Replies

Time line of Prometheus and Alien movies

0 Replies
9 Replies
2 Replies

Alien reboot should be about mutation.

8 Replies

Have you ever really watched Alien?

9 Replies

Save the Derelict Space Jockey ship

27 Replies

What do xenomorphs eat?

16 Replies

Alien prequel not yet released???

35 Replies

Prometheus is landed in Italy (badly)

3 Replies

Giger on worms

9 Replies

line of text at the end of alien ?

16 Replies

Deacon to Xenomorph

7 Replies

Extended Brett death scene

12 Replies
4 Replies

Alien 5 & Prometheus 2

25 Replies

Really cool Alien model site

12 Replies
4 Replies

New Aliens: Colonuial Marines Booth Image

0 Replies
4 Replies

Bolaji Badejo test footage

2 Replies
0 Replies

Isolated soundtracks on Blu-Ray Anthology

2 Replies
34 Replies
1 Replies

Pretty cool story...

9 Replies
3 Replies

Aliens Colonial Marines: Escape Trailer

14 Replies
0 Replies
5 Replies

Alien Concept Art - Help Required

14 Replies
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