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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
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Design The Adult Deacon!

243 Replies
50 Replies
26 Replies

NexusNews Prometheus 2 leak

25 Replies

The story of Prometheus 2

12 Replies
7 Replies

Could Vickers be alive?

32 Replies
4 Replies
27 Replies
6 Replies

Was Our Creation An Accident?

33 Replies

Prometheus 2 : a sinister revelation

7 Replies

1979 Warning Beacon

49 Replies

Queen Deacon

31 Replies

distress call from shaw?

9 Replies
15 Replies
3 Replies
8 Replies

David's Mention of Paradise

8 Replies


14 Replies
14 Replies
55 Replies

What will happen to David's head?

14 Replies
14 Replies
25 Replies
6 Replies
15 Replies

Sequence of events Prometheous and Alien

48 Replies

The engineers god

8 Replies
21 Replies

Scott not in Director's seat for Paradise?

37 Replies

the theory

22 Replies
6 Replies

Prometheus 2 monsters?

18 Replies

prometheus 2 could be simple

5 Replies

Cast for Prometheus 2

25 Replies

from urns to eggs

11 Replies

Paradise Movie Filmed In Advance

31 Replies

Shaw transformation

14 Replies

Making a Sequel, Jetlagged Edition

9 Replies

Religion & Prometheus 2

5 Replies
11 Replies

Engineer Homeworld Landscape

22 Replies
9 Replies

What I yearn for the most...

16 Replies
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is it possible that we were created by the the engineers with the full intention of "infecting" us

Dr. Biltoo talks about the omitted sacrificial scene and more!

Sperm and other stuff

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Prometheus-Inspired Diorama Reveals Extraterrestrial Origins of My Little Pony

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