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What do you think will happen in prometheus 2?

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I always wondered what would be a great sequel for prometheus. Since it showed Noomi and David's head heading to space and still trying to find the answer.

A prometheus sequel should be a cross between how god (engineers) made adam and eve (humans) and how prometheus (engineer) betrays the gods, (his own kind) to save the humans from termination.
I was thinking Ridley should focus on the pyramid, as the Engineers created the pyramids as a technology to terraform earth, that would be a great idea for a plot. We can add that the engineers decided to create humans for their purposes as to grow agriculture and help plant forests and help them built structures. As we see the engineer sacrificing his life, millions of years of evolution later, the first group of humans are formed. The engineers used the humans as slave to plant and help build their ships. In the 'gargen of eve' one human wants to know where he came from, as she illegally heads to the Engineer's base, as she secretly activates the hologram. She is then captured and killed by the engineers, as the humans found out that one of them has been killed, they began a revolution by fighting back at them. As the humans were loosing the battle, one engineer decides to make a difference, and steels fire from his own kind, and began to help the humans rebel. The head master of the engineer is angry that one his own has betrayed him, as the lonesome engineer taught the humans to create weapons and how to start a fire, he is captured by the group, as his last act of kindness was letting the humans free and giving them the ability to speak. The engineer was tortured and was punished by getting chocked and was then swallowed an xenomorph embryo from a facehugger. The engineers plan to exterminate the humans. The rebel engineer later does one last sacrifice as he kills the other engineers by unleashing the xenomorphs. The engineer (prometheus) needed the humans to learn on their own, as he tries to drive the ship to a nearby planet far off from earth, a planet known as
LV-426. As he crashlands, the engineer tries to breath, as he struggles, something begins to burst from his chest, as we see the first chestburster.
What do you guys think?

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A big question that has been asked is how are they going to insert new characters so that the film wont consist of simply Shaw, David and Engineers. At the end of Prometheus when Shaw is making the final log she tells whoever is listening to make no attempt to come to the transmission's point of origin. I believe that either the Weyland company will send a search team or, like in Alien, a seemingly random ship will pass and recieve the message and go to investigate. If it's a Weyland party perhaps they will be able to put enough info together to go searching for Shaw and David. If it's a random ship I have no idea where that would go. I really lean towards it being a Weyland ship and the film telling two stories until the groups meet up at the end.

Who knows though? What I do know is that I can't wait to see where they go with it.



They are casting both actors again and they will play a pivotal part of the movie.

I predict that as the Last Engineer did the Elders would be intrigued with Shaw, as the only Human (maybe) they would not see her as any threat and may enlighten her and give her answers.

On the other hand, Davids Master has gone he is now free he sees himself as superior and his comment about the Engineers (Mortal after all) may see himself as even more superior to the Elders and knows with their secrets he could become the King and Godlike.

I expect Shaw and Engineers to actually get along.... only for David to somehow get up to no good and cause Chaos and thus David will be the antagonist.

i would also not put it past Prometheus 3 to be the Prequel to Prometheus. And finally find out what went down on LV 223, when/why it was created and the fall of the outpost and reason for the Urns and their creation.

Ridley said Prometheus 2 will go further from Alien but by the end of the Prometheus franchise the dots would be connected to Alien so i feel at the end of the Trilogy we would get all the answers not just about the Xeno and Alien but also the questions left by Prometheus and Prometheus 2 Paradise.


You see we need to look at why Ridley Originally wanted to make Paradise... (Prometheus original name)

Ridley wanted to wonder why no one ever covered or asked these of Alien.

Who was the Space Jockey Pilot*

Where did he come from*

Where was he going?

Why that Cargo?

The Original Draft may had answered all those, until Lindelof came aboard and pitched the idea that the Space Jockey created mankind and ties to the Titans and other Ancient Myths.

As the above questions went only the first two* got some kind of answers, the other two we had some clues but never got covered in detail.

Now we move onto Prometheus 2 Ridley has already said it will be about Shaw and David and the Reasons Shaw wanted to go to where the Engineers came from and not back home.

Thus Prometheus 2 will most likely cover.

Who are the Engineers/Elders?

Why did they create us?

Who created them?

What else did they create?

Why did they visit us and leave clues?

Where are they now and why?

And it may answer these but then Prometheus 3 may give details.

Why did they want us destroyed?

What was the purpose of LV 223?

What caused the downfall of LV 223 and the Engineers?


Also we have to look at what those clues about Prometheus 2 may be.

The Elders was cut as was the full Sacreficial Scene that had Engineer Dialog and also the Last Engineer had Dialog with David and this was Cut.


Because surely Prometheus 2 must have at least some Elders or Engineers in it and this gives reason to cast more actors.

The movie could have flash back scenes like the Sacrificial one.



Remember this scene that was cut did not use 7ft Actors, the Sacrificial Engineer was played by Daniel Twiss who is 6ft 2"

Now i am sure that Ridley has learnt from mistakes in Prometheus in that the illusion of a 9ft race well never happened as planned. And with bigger budget and time he could go the whole LOTR Camera Trick in which Actors who stood 5.5ft tall played 3-4ft tall Hobits on screen with other 5.5-6ft tall actors who played normal sized Humans.

This means he could cast 7ft or even smaller actors in scenes with Shaw and David and use the same trickery to make them seem 9ft tall.

As if you see the Hobbit Trailer here

You will see Gandalf looks much taller than the other actors when he really is only a few inches taller in real life...

Also bare in mind that why should it be that the Engineers only created Humans?


I am sure you know who this actor is..... Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Brown, Uncle Fester etc etc....

So he also played a Klingon Commander Kruge who is not Human but Klingon.

What i am saying is so what if Shaw is the only Human and David the Humanoid Android.

This does not mean Prometheus 2 has a limited cast and thus has to involve Humans or a mission to LV 223 from Yutani (as that would make well Prometheus meets Aliens would it not?).

Thus you can have a cast full of actors to not only play Engineers/Elders and not limited to 7ft+ actors but use camera trickery. It also can cast people to play other Humanoid Races the Engineers have created or maybe they have seeded Humans in other parts of the Galaxy and not just Earth. Or even they may had collected Humans in the past.

So the movie does not have to have any other Humans from Earth to use a larger cast of actors to make a movie.


@Big Dave...You have to have more than one human character. The majority of the movie going public have to have characters to relate to for a film to be successful. There's only a small group of people who will relate to Shaw.

Personally, I'd like to see some flashback sequences with Weyland, Vickers, Shaw, David and Holloway's backstories. That would inject all kinds of human characters.

But if you think Shaw will be the only human through out the entire film you're sadly mistaken. The audience has to be represented.



Flash Backs could work....

But do not forget that the movie does hint at some stories about creation Myths and has some symbolism with the Bible...

How do we not know that some Engineers came to Earth to take some of the deemed righteous Humans, how do we know the Engineers never landed a craft to take and rescue samples of their creation like the Ark Story in Noah.

So we cant rule out more Humans maybe ones the Engineers saved before they then decided to clean the rest of us...

This would leave a plot hole however because this would indicate the Home World Engineers wanted us all gone, in which case why have they not gone to see what went down on LV 223 or if the mission was a success.

Unless after the failure of the mission due to messing around with the Xeno, they decided to just leave mankind to be and not bother and assume we would never be able to reach the stars without there help.


Wow a lot of good stuff in this thread.

I can't really figure out what i want from P2. On one hand i would like to see their homeworld, get a lot of answers etc. But then again, wouldn't that just be too easy and leave out the mystery?

If they go to their homeplanet i have a feeling it's gonna be ravaged and dead or something. Maybe only a small group of survivers in hypersleep. To show a big real planet of a whole new race would be to difficult to get away with i think.

And who's to say what the engineers are. We have no real clue really. They could be less then 500 people. Maybe less. Doesn't have to be this big planet like earth with a whole big civilitazion.

I'm hoping for a dark and mysterious movie who deals with engineers relation to xeno's. I really like the idea that they worship them or something strange. I never really got that excited about the bioweapon idea. I understand that humans could maybe use the alien dna and make superstrong stuff etc. But to use the xeno itself as a weapon in a future world with huge nuclearbombs etc. seems stupid to me.

I just hope they don't portray the engineers too logical. I don't want them to think like humans. They should be on another level and be lifted beyond our way of looking at the world.

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