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What's Your Favorite Scene From Prometheus?

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What was your favorite scene from Prometheus and why? This can include deleted scenes for those who have the Blu-Ray or who saw them online. Let the community know what scenes you particularly liked from Prometheus!

For me, I really liked the scenes that showed the Prometheus ship, it's a magnificent design and I just really liked the effects used for it.


But my favorite scene was probably the Trilobite vs. Engineer scene and the scene where the Engineer turns on Ford, David, Weyland and Shaw. Oh, and yes I really liked the Deacon birth scene at the end, I thought it was great.


(You can use screen caps from the Prometheus Gallery to help show what scenes you most enjoyed!)

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Alien King

My favorite scene was that bit at the end where the words scrolled.


There are many, but I would have to say, just before David awakens the sleeping Engineer.

Major Noob

Ha you could not have asked a harder question! Every single scene was beautiful in some way. Visually, Prometheus took me back to the great British sci fi of the 1960's and 1970's, including The Prisoner and the productions of Gerry Anderson, but with a fantastic hyper reality, that Ridley Scott otherness. And of course don't forget 2001, a source of some disagreement here, I know. I can't choose! Truly almost every frame contained some wonder. The huge pop soundtrack, the Cecil B Demille dialog, the acid trip story arc. For me, my favorite shot of the Prometheus is the long shot when the RT01 emerges from the dock fir the furst time and it's crouched on its massive thrusters with the mountains behind it. Or how about the skull on the dome when the storm is coming? And the Trilobite scene, yes, brilliantly realized, a classic!


By far, the Engineer dummying everyone, and taking off.

The way he interacted with the controls. Taking a big breath before the mask goes over his face.

The sound effects of the ship. The music.

Oh, my!

And of course, the momentus of the scene gets ruined in an instant. Once Janek pulls his "HAAAND-JOOOOOOB" ...

Freakin' pathetic...

I've got my fingers crossed for Paradise. I hope it won't dun-goof like Prometheus.

A living being seeks above all else to discharge its strength. Life itself is will to power. Nothing else matters.

Certified Engineer nut-swinger as per


For me its the scene where the chair comes up, and the deacon scene :)

there\\\'s something quite spooky about the derelict in LV-426..... don\\\'t you think?


I liked the scenes when David was alone at the beginning.



my favorite has to be when the engineer goes crazy on everybody, but i would when daid finds the the deck, i guess, of the ship when he discovers the engineer and stuff:)


I like the Engineer scenes, especially when he speaks and fights the trilobite :3

Another one is when Shaw slaps the crap out of Holloway.


Vespa has his eyes on you :P


(1) Peter Weyland at TED 2023. Weyland's speech is impressive and threatening. (Deleted scene) See:
Weyland Quotes
(2) landing, launch of the rovers to the route to the point of contact and
planet surroundings.
(3) The fight between Shaw and the Engineer, especially the cut scene, Ian White gives a magistral touch in these final shots, in using light ranges.


Almost EVERY SCENE was Ridley-gorgeous. A wonderful art exercise. David was the main focus of the film, and the screen lit up whenever he was on it. And JANEK, apart from that weird kamikaze. But that's okay, because Janek, and the rest of his crew were Nexus 7.

Fave scene? The launching of the 'space jockey' seat; that unravelling. And I liked David playing flute and pressing white jelly buttons. That was super-camp.

You are CUSTODIANs of Free Planet; you just forgot about it, or someone neglected to remind you.


David in the beginning, Shaw in the Med Pod and The Deacon.

*There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing*


The opener/prologue for it's stunning visuals.

The Engineers running hologram, the starmap hologram with David listening to/watching the Engineers.

Yeah the 'jockey' chair rising up made my nerve endings tingle!

The truth is out there. The truth will set you free. The Truth is redacted.....for your protection.


The scenes that made sense


the hologram of the running engineers, then the last one turning to see what was behind him that told the whole story of what happend there.
The chair coming up out of the ground too....that was fantastic.

\"how do you feel?\".....\"great, next stupid question\"

Paul Littlefield

Where the engineer chair rises... I almost fainted.


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