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Engineer's head

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Indy John

When Hollway was trying to get back on the ship someone mentioned putting Charlie into the Medpod.

Could the Med Pod have been useful in treating the Engineer's head one the mask was removed?

In fact could the Medpod have been usefull to Holloway after he was infected but before he went back to the tunnels to rescue Millburn/Fifield?

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

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No. The MedPod was designed to treat humans with known (calibrated) conditions, and perform operations when instructed to do so manually. It would have no understanding of tissue transformation (Holloway) or what to do with a 2,000 year old alien head.

The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent

Indy John

I can see what you mean.

I thought maybe the medpod could quicky analyse the skin or fluids.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


Very interesting.

It was Janek, btw, who mentioned the Med Pod. Why wouldn't he suggest cryo instead?



Having been a new encounter with an unknown aggressive life form the med pod would only be able to identify a foreign organism invading Calloway's body systems but no way to identify it exactly or how to safely treat it other than injecting himself with something toxic to kill it. With no knowledge of what the xeno is exactly there would be no treatment for it.


I didn't like Holloway anyways!

Indy John

Comments deleted by poster

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


Alot of people that have seen this movie always say about Holloway being a nob, and also hating David. But i like David, just doing his job, and Holloway just seems fake to me, how can you not care about finding a humanoid, and testing on it =/. But to willingly want to get flame throwered, he must have been in SOME pain.

I Will Not Abandon Merry & Pippins Atonement To Death.

Indy John

Holloway seemed to be a well grounded(no pun intended) explorer that would be caurious in any field trip.
Although he says he wants to meet his makers I would think the adventure himself would be motivation to explore every possibility.

So discovering that the they will not meet the Gods this trip he really checks out too early and doesn't fully participate with Shaw when checking out the Engineer's head.
He doen't add anything to the next tunnel trip and is the reason they leave early.

To me his charactor still needs a few scenes for us to understand what is changing and why?

As far as his suicide at the hands of Vickers well he had ecough awareness that his life was not going to end in a good mannser.

On a recent watching of the flame scene you can also see how Janek has to be quite forceful to keep Shaw from going to her Charlie. At that point even he knew that Holloway was not going to survive no matter what could be done,

Holloway forced the fire scene ,to Vicker's horror,and Janek to save his Shaw.

He not only must have been in tremedous pain but saw no solution involving the Prometheus or intervention by the crew.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


He also seemed more of a nice guy once he'd been goo'd lol. He also seemed stronger when he pushes everyone off of him.

But i can't help wondering about the different type of goo. Maybe the drop David gave him made him willing to sacrifice himself. The other goo infects Fifield and i think this goo is Xeno Dna.
But what i want to know is; When the Urns are leaking, is the goo within the glass ampules leaking too? Or is it still within the glass?

So what i think is there is a sacrifice goo that creates life contrary to that planet and whoever uses this goo, there image is replicatent to the life made.

The other goo is Xeno dna.

And the Engineers tried to change they're cycle of life, to make they're new creations an ultimate species, by mixing the two.

They were going to hit Earth for a tester, but it got out on them before then.

I Will Not Abandon Merry & Pippins Atonement To Death.

Indy John

"..They were going to hit Earth for a tester,.."

Now this would be a great movie from Earth's point of view,, I can see the xenos on the loose.

Then Weyland Cotp. would step in and try to salvage the situation by creating anti goo.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

Indy John

'..But i can't help wondering about the different type of goo.."

Maybe there is a basic goo and the differences in the outcome is not based on the type of goo(thought there could be differences) but on the hosts DNA makeup,
Fifield becoming very aggressive, even destructive, Holloway sort just mellowed out and the let the goo transform him into a lazy non thinking slug going through a horrible physical transformation.

If the Goo infected the Last Engineer he didn't seem to have any physical Goo related changes but he certainly begame not only aggressive but still maintained a sence of purpose while wanting to complete his mission It was mote like Goo reinforced his convictions for now.

Sort of like after a few hits you sort of let the real you come out and show others the true inner you.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

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