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A “New Era!” has begun! Artistically and Intellectually! “Fans!” stop measuring the Space Jockeys control seat, His size, the chestbursters image, and other small differences ! For example, the new derelict versus the original”derilect in the 70s version”ect ..And so on! It “donned” on me that Giger and Sir, R Scott. Are making a “New-Original” film for the 21st century! To set a new passage for the “Alien” franchise! Not designed to please the 40+ year olds who “ORIGINALY! Viewed the film in their youth back in the 70s. Granted “Hardcore” fans (NOW) (20+ year olds and beyond) will still have the” Original Meat” to chew on! But I truly believe this is for the 2012 era! And beyond. This franchise will definitely exist for the the next 20 years. The new followers with little or no idea of the earlier films are in their 20s! now!!!!! They will eventually get the history but they eventually will carry the torch! And so this begins a new era of the Alien cannon! For them! And of course for us!

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15 Replies

Ripley Clone 8

It has begun!




Um....Stay in school?

Ripley Clone 8

Um....i'm too cool for school. lol.


ok...Crystal meth is bad????

Ripley Clone 8

Ok...your right lol.


Too fast for love?


Maybe try putting down the OK, I'm with your enthusiasm at least then, s'ok


Who the fuck are you kidding? Twenty years from now you will be bitching at some twenty year old for "not getting" the original Prometheus.

And, umm, the new generation dropped the torch. That's why they had to go back to old man (and I mean that in the best possible way) Ridley. Hell they should have cast this new flick with the original actors

Shaw . . . Sigourney Weaver
Capt. Janek . . . Tom Skerrit
Vickers . . . Veronica Lambert
David . . . Ian Holm
Holloway . . . John Hurt
Fifield . . . Harry Dean Stanton

and Yaphet Kotto as Weyland

Okay, maybe not.


I feel privileged to run a site that promotes such a dramatic change. I have not been this excited about any movie like I am for Prometheus.

As I am not as old as most of those on these boards I wasn't able to see Alien or Aliens in theatres, so this will be like my "introduction to Alien in the Cinema" and what an introduction it will be. Same director, same atmosphere... Could not get any better folks.



It's for people like you that I'm most glad...I saw Alien in it's day, so to speak, on opening day. I found out about it maybe a month and a half before it came out and Ridley Scott was unknown. I read about it in a rock n roll magazine and of course they didnt show the Alien, all movies hide the monster and I didnt think anymore than it was the latest attempt by Hollyweird to be scary, ho hum, seen it all. There was one thing in the article that stood out though...Ridley described the Alien as "very elegant and deadly" HUH??? I had never heard that before.

So there I am first day of showing. Watching... Stunned. People actually left the show. BIG SCREEN. Nasty. Everybody is dying. No escape. Girl cant watch anymore, boyfriend wants to stay, big arguement. Nobody is laughing..and this THING, this Alien KEEPS COMING. BIGGER ON THE SCREEN THAN YOU WANT OR NEED IT TO BE.

OK...sorry bout that, couldnt help it....for all of you, Ridley has a present. You get your own film, in your own time.


The Phantom Menace, Superman Returns two strikes but third time is the charm. I just feel it in my bones.


This isn't a new evolution, but a revival of the old ways. Ridley Scott, one of the most accomplished, skilled, and experienced filmmakers living is bringing all his abilities to bear on this film. We will be seeing the culmination of over 40 years of filmmaking experience.

The future of sci fi films is in the hands of guys like Niel Blomkamp, Shane Carruth, and Duncan Jones. Can't wait for Elysium in 2013.


@ RC8:

Your GIF is "wrong... it's so wrong".


This thread is hilarious. My guess is there will be a nod to all us "old" sci-fi fans, as well as the 21st Century methods of movie making. We will all get something out of it, if we just trust the director and writers.

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