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Design The Adult Deacon!

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So, with Prometheus passed and the DvD and BluRay coming up for release, we here at want to engage the artistic fans here and across the globe. We want you to design and post your own version of what you think the adult Deacon Alien will look like or could look like in Prometheus 2.

To make this even more engaging, the most detailed and interesting design artists will win a Prometheus poster! We can allow up to 3 winners to start, but if more submit their works, we can always increase that number so that more artists win and get something for their hard work!


How can we tell if it's genuine? We ask that somewhere on the piece of art you add your site display name here on (And the SciFi Movies Network), small in the corner, or under your signature if you so choose to do so. There are already a lot of artist renditions of the Deacon on the internet, but what we are looking for are NEW artwork pieces.

So post yours here! It can be any kind of art, from digital to paint. Just post it as a reply to this thread and each day I'll check in and see the artwork! After about 3-4 weeks I'll announce the first batch of winners. I realize creating truly immense works of art takes a lot of time.

The contest will remain open until our supply of poster giveaways diminishes. So, anyone can win and show off your talent at the same time! So start your work today share with us your vision of the adult Deacon! Get creative!

How to Submit your Entries Added by Snorkelbottom

Here's some guidance for those of you struggling to submit your artwork for this competition. Please follow the following steps:

- Upload you image to an image hosting site such as Imugr or Photobucket
- Once uploaded click on the image to display it
- Right click and select Copy Image URL if using Google Chrome
- Post your reply in this thread, introducing your artwork
- Click the picture icon in the reply box
- Paste (Ctrl + V) your images URL into the box that appears, then click OK
- Once you have finished your post click ADD REPLY

Be sure that your images URL ends in an image format such as jpg, bmp, png. If you are having trouble getting your image to appear do not worry one of the staff will moderate your post for you so that your image will appear.

243 Replies


coollllll! a trabajar se ha dicho !!! a ganarrrrrr!


patch kat Crazy Eyes

What a great idea and fun too.


that is fun!! i wont even bother because

1. i have seen fan art on this site, i would get my arse kicked.

2. i only use pens and pencils, that cant compete with digital, paint, and sculpting for most critics.

3. i don't really like how the deacon looks, i would make too many alterations and it probably wouldn't even look related :/

it would be interesting if people could use the rejected design concepts for the deacon design, i like some of those more then the one they chose for the movie.

whats in the basket?

patch kat Crazy Eyes

I am going to use a technical pencil, erasure and just plain paper...


I will try. I do have wacom but not going to use that because I feel comfortable with pencils and ink pen. Will see If I can get make it before the finishing date.

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.

patch kat Crazy Eyes

Sky I do need a wacom... for creating wallpapers and photoshop stuff.


Don't let me win this thing.... Long Live the Fighters!


I'll enter even though I am doubtful that I will win anything. x)

>> 1. i have seen fan art on this site, i would get my arse kicked.

Aww, I'm sure your art is great. Everyone has different styles and none is more better than the other.

You get me closer to god

necronom 4

What a great idea! Could anybody tell me what the best way would be to upload a Picture drawn with pencil to my computer? Would a Scanner be the best option? and would it scan a picture done in pencil?


HAL 9000

Interesting idea and thanks Chris for getting everyone involved! However, is this the new generation of film, design it the way you want it? I'm somehow not sure if this is going into the right direction... Sounds fun nevertheless.

Major Noob

necronom4: provided your lines are nice and dark a scanner will work for you, or you could very carefully photograph it nice and square With good even light and get it into your computer that way. Then, if you have a nice paint application or better yet Photoshop you could paint over it from there. Then just make sure your file is a Jpeg and load it up!

necronom 4

Thanx Major Noob! I will give it a go. *smiley*



aww thanks leeta! i draw comics so i figured someone that does a more realistic style would make anything id do look like a kids doodle.

now im tempted to be silly and enter a stick deacon drawing... LOL
although if Don Hertzfeldt is on this site he would beat me too it.

whats in the basket?


Pencil, Watercolor, Ink

I may work for the company, but im really an OK guy.

necronom 4

Brilliant Gen. Well done!


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