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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
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This is interesting.

Awesome :D...

1. They live from 4 days to a week.
2. David sprayed something that sealed the ...

Well this time he wears white shoes :D...

Wow, really nice and mystery feeling...

To me it seems that the one who wrote this slept through the whole movie ...

I like the Engineer scenes, especially when he speaks and fights the trilobite :...

Weirdly I see that his (Ians) head is rubbery sometimes but in here it does look...

@Bella - LOL

Ok it's fixed now ;) and don't worry mistakes happen :D

I keep laughing at th...

About Me

Name: Park Phoebe

Like/Love: prometheus, cats, snakes, small dogs, snakes and other stuff, chocolate puff, melons, rain aand more coming soon ;)

Hate/Dislike: metal music, winter, summer, hot seasons, cold seasons, eggs

Wish: I would really like to have a pet hammerpede and "dove" face since my own face is round. . .

I am 99% of my time in sometimes I travel in other sites ;)

I try not to use swear words but sometimes i just can not hold it and let some slip - -;;

My Discussions

More deleted scenes (elder engineers)

More deleted scenes in: here

Hope you like it :D

EDIT I: It's r...

Prometheus OST Missing Track

If some of you know or don't, Prometheus had one unidentified soundtrack which couldn't be find in the OST. Now this track sounds same like track no.8...

Weird Deacon Dream: They Took my Turkey !!! (Very Long)

So today I'm going to write a thread about an alien dream I had last night. It was so weird and mixed with everything so here we go:

I was living p...

Feminist Review on Prometheus

Link down there with feminists opinion about Elisabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron). Pretty ok.


Prometheus: the making of a new myth

Surfed on the net and found some link that I thought was ineteresting/nice reading and wanted to share (:
It's in ENGLISH.


The making of Alien's chestburster scene

Stumbled upon this and [url=

Questions about Bob and the Derelict

Hey peeps it's Feebs (Finished to someone) once again :)

I really want to ask your people thoughts about few things:

1. Bobs (or The Last Eng...

15 yr. old had a seizure/sudden illness in Australia

Hi peeps it is Feebs here today :)

I would like to discuss about news I stumbled upon during my search of new Prometheus stuff and I found [url=htt...

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Xenomorph 54

See this? What about this?

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is it possible that we were created by the the engineers with the full intention of "infecting" us

Dr. Biltoo talks about the omitted sacrificial scene and more!

Sperm and other stuff

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Prometheus-Inspired Diorama Reveals Extraterrestrial Origins of My Little Pony

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