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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
Prometheus & Prometheus Sequel Movie News, Info & Community
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I saw Holoway as someone who often enjoyed to breathe his own methane expulsions...

@Major Noob - .....or that!
Very good read!...

This scene would be really cool set to Pink Floyd's "Careful with that axe Eugen...

That guy did help provide some insight/ideas to a few things....

I was just thinking about the egg process, and if there is any explanation?
I g...

We are also assuming, & have always been assuming, that the original Space Jocke...


David is not supposed to lie to humans. In the last discussion I saw about the ...

I was having a hard time seeing things when I saw it in the theater, too!...

I love the Engineer we got, especially in the pressure suit!
The floating jelly...

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I very much enjoyed Prometheus & am looking forward to future installments!

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Theory for eggs on the Derelict of LV-426

Hello all!
In the original Alien we see Dallas, Brett, et al in the process of being coccooned.
Ripley then torches them all.
The Nostromo landed o...

Ancient Alien Technology

I had some questions/thoughts after reading a few posts yesterday:
If Ancient Alien cultures are able to travel the galaxies with superior technologi...

Space Jockey Guess

My latest guess of the size discrepancy between the Space Jockey from the Alien Derelict & the Engineer from Prometheus is based upon something Ripley...

The Ire of the Gods?

Once in the control room of the Juggernaut, David discovers the hologram that tells of the Engineer plan to return to Earth to wipe out the human race...

Weyland Industries in P2

Hello everyone! I have really enjoyed the many insightful discussions here & have finally joined up to post one that is neither enjoyable, or insight...

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Skewed n Reviewed
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Awesome Prometheus analysis

Just saw this...just had to share: [url=

Theory for eggs on the Derelict of LV-426

Hello all! In the original Alien we see Dallas, Brett, et al in the p...

Pyramid Atmosphere

The moon's atmosphere was not hospitible to the crew of Prometheus. ...

Weyland Universe

Ridley is the Corporate person,resonsible to bring the Company messag...


- The end of Prometheus leads to continuation...this is a fact. - My ...

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