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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
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Yes the Engineers were simply NOT funny......

That's what I thought too......

@Svanya- yes, to me events suggest the two are related but not the same. Almost ...

Consider: The eggs seem unstable and near impossible to manage, apparently even ...

Ha ha Oneironaut that's too funny.
Mateo, I think the plan went wrong during 'e...

That's part of the trick of David, he's designed to fool humans. It's a fudament...

Haunte was a better choice than Page, that's for sure, but I liked the subtle, h...

I read this article awhile back and it blew me away, such a canny observation of...

^^Well put OldGuy.^^...

Mateo- from the one that got away!
ZZ- brilliant post, Thank you! Here's a bum...

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LV223 January 2, 2094
   A spacecraft lands, the Raijin. It sets down in the same site as the Prometheus.
   The Raijin  has articulated thrusters l...


 Black. Sound of wailing wind. A vast starscape slowly appears, rising. A huge black shape emerges foreground, the dark silhouette of a dome.

Weyland Investors Cut

I just read up on the Weyland Investors Cut, apparently a fan made Restoration Edit of Prometheus. Haven't seen a thread about it yet, so here it is. ...

Foolz? Jibber jabber? Sappy stuff?

Whoa. Just saw this in the Fan Status Board. What's up with that?...

Prometheus has teeth

I posted my own long winded review ( Review: Beauty is in the eye ) this weekend and got some great replies. Sort of brought everything full circle...

Review: Beauty is in the eye

   I know, I'm REALLY late to the party, but after reading so much here I had to add my two cents.
     In Prometheus, Ridley Scott said pervers...


In 1979 my favorite monster movies were The Blob, Green Slime, and anything Japanese.  My favorite magazine was Heavy Metal, and they published an ill...

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Human Evolution and Possible Outside Engineering

I watched a recent episode of the History Channel that discussed the m...

Goo corrupted/advanced David?

Could David have taken some of the black goo himself? Thats why he's ...

BEST Prometheus Fan Art!

By yours truly :P I know this prob ain't the best or even the coolest....

ian whyte (last engineer actor) talking about prometheus


What happens to the goo?

What happens to the goo when everyone has left? Does it effect the pl...

Skewed n Reviewed
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