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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
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An Update From Weyland Industries!

Prometheus MovieNews › An Update From Weyland Industries!

Chris ›

Attention Weyland Investors - Weyland industries have just launched a discussion forum - style complex where Weyland Investors can discuss and share ideas/comments with Weyland Industries directly. This latest initiative by the Weyland Corporation is to further involve its investors in future Prometheus projects and initiatives.

For more discussions on Prometheus, be sure to look through the Prometheus Forums here!

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Comments (0)

djamelameziane ›

Hmmm they will have to impress me to even remotely attract me to that :P ...

Mala'kak ›

This could actually be pretty cool if Fox is gonna talk to people directly on the Forum. It'd be even cooler if they did it semi in-character and pretend to be board members of Weyland Corp.

I really like the idea to make us investors in the Prometheus Project that came about in the viral campaign. It's cool that this is an extension of that.

Also interesting is the date that Weyland Industries is sending this. It's dated 2073 & as we know the Prometheus movie takes place at a later date.

Heustess ›

Hmmm they will have to impress me to even remotely attract me to that[djamelameziane/quote] indeed Scott said he didn't like people on the net "over-analysing" his prometheus trailers etc...

Luke654123 ›

Wow YAWN. The give us a community when we have this one AND then they don't do anything on 10-11-12. C'mon Fox show us what you've got.

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