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The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
Prometheus & Prometheus Sequel Movie News, Info & Community

Prometheus Officially Released on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray and DvD!

Prometheus MovieNews › Prometheus Officially Released on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray and DvD!

Chris ›

PROMETHEUS HAS LANDED - You can now purchase Prometheus on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray or DvD at your local retailer! The Prometheus Blu-Ray contains a ton of extras and nearly an hour of deleted scenes!

Have you bought your copy of Prometheus? If so, be sure let us know what you think by posting a new Prometheus discussion and also don't forget to read what others are posting about in the Prometheus Forum!


With Prometheus now released, we all can look forward to Prometheus 2, or "Paradise". will continue to bring you the latest news on Ridley Scott's Prequel Sequel Paradise as news arises.

We here at would also like to thank all our viewers, members and contributors for making this website and these forums such a huge success and a great place to be. It is because of you, we remain the number 1 Prometheus website on the net, and we hope to maintain this as long as possible. So thank you to everyone who has been a part of this site! We look forward to speculating on Paradise with you for the next 2 years! will continue to post news on Prometheus and Paradise and related Alien content. If you've bought your copy of Prometheus and want to share your opinions about it, then please check out the forums and/or let us know on our social media pages: Facebook and Twitter! We hope you enjoy Prometheus again and again with home entertainment release!
The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End
A Ridley Scott Film

Thank you to Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox for returning to the Alien universe and for giving us something to think about, speculate over and look forward to. Here's to PARADISE!

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Comments (0)

Feebs ›

Be motivated (~-_-)~ and supported (~-_-)~

maewlaay ›

Waiting for shipping from amazon ... :)

metalos ›

I totally can't wait until october 17 when it landed in Hungary. I pre-ordered the 3 disc edition, hopefully i get it on the release day. This will be my first blu-ray film, so i'm very proud of it. I will watch the movie twice sequentially, firstly with hungarian language, secondly with english language. I hope the extras will got hungarian subtitle, because the four Alien film's extras hadn't got hungarian subtitles unfortunatelly, but nevermind, they got english subs, so i totally understood the whole extras. :)

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

So happy :) I ran out after school to BestBuy and bought the 4 Disk Collectors Edition, I've been rather impatient, so finally. I've never bought a blu-ray before and I don't even own a player of any sort but oh well. I'll have to borrow a friends. Couldn't resit those special features ;) *happy dance*

NCC 1701 ›

Yep ,this weekend , finally getting the wife to watch it

tomw ›

The 4 disc set is worth the money because of the extra info and disc. I had hoped to see more of the engineers and the sacrifice in the beginning of the film. What I did see in the extra engineer footage was not enough of the boys and their cool spaceship. I wish there was more as the story board showed. Just need to wait for Paradise to see more of the engineer back story I guess.

Overall the 4 disc version is great except for the 3D disc I can't use.

metalos ›

Most people (include me) not able to watch the 3D version of the movie because they haven't 3D tv or player or both. But we must to buy this 3 or 4 disc edition because we must to see the 7 more hours extras. I don't know why the Fox doesn't released a 2 disc edition without the movie's 3D version. Money talks...

fader ›

@ Chris, you thanked all of the members at this site, but all honesty, I personally like to thank you and the other staff for creating and maintaning this great site. I have been on other sites like this, ie.... BattleStar Galactica as one that comes to mind, but anyways, Thank You guys

Other news in my little life, just opened my 4 disc collectors 3-D Blu-ray Prometheus movie. I'm stellar stoked..... Also I was texted today that my Toshiba blue-ray player was shipped, should get it by Thursday. But the 4th disc will be great to watch here in a few minutes.....

This site is going to get real interesting after everybody puts their disc into their players, watch it, analize it, digest it and so forth........ later everybody, enjoy your copy of Prometheus..... : )

joeyjoe ›

4 disc blu ray set is above and beyond! very pleased!
thanks to chris and co. what a great resource this site is!

sukkal ›

I haven't watched the making of stuff yet. I'm sure that will be amazing because the Charles de Lauzirika stuff ALWAYS is. Am quite bummed that nothing "ceremonial" remains of the alternate opening sequence. They seem to have made such a big deal out of in promo-ing this release. It's not even worth the time to watch it. :-(

I'd have been more proud of them if they'd not gone with plastic packaging, but I'm not surprised. Could not get disk 3 to just play normally in one of my Blu-Ray players, but the one I intend to watch the Making Of on is newer. Fingers crossed.

I have to say that I'm really pleased (REALLY PLEASED) that they didn't leave Shaw calling David an "F'ing Robot" in the theatrical cut. The way they did it was so much more appropriate for the end of the film as it showed on the big screen. That may be the only edit that I truly applaud about the theatrical release.

Will agree with others that CG Fitfield is more interesting than the Zombie Fitfield that we got in the theatrical release. It's not just the head, but the length of his limbs and how he moves too. But, still would have preferred for all of that effort and screen time to have gone to "things Engineer" instead.

With the vast majority of the Engineers’ speaking mauled and/or redacted, I guess I'll just enjoy the Making Of and then fade away for a while with fingers crossed that the right things will be done on the linguistic front in Paradise. I choose to believe that that is still possible...

SubsumeYou ›

@ the OP:

Of course, I'm going to support this.

SubsumeYou ›

Oh, yeah, thank you, Chris!!!

ShinobiX9X ›

Thank you for the great site.

I got the 4-disc collector bluray previous week, and i was honestly very disapointed the deleted scenes didn't make it into a extended cut.

Patient Leech ›

The film looks AMAZING on blu-ray!! And i think the special features are going to be pretty great... there's lots of them. It's gonna take me a while to figure out this second screen app, though.

My biggest gripe is in the 3D blu-ray packaging. Why do they waste so much space on how to use the Ultraviolet and 3D stuff? It's ugly and unnecessary. They could easily just include a little slip inside the packaging and save all the other space for cool images. Weak packaging, but seems like the content is excellent, which I suppose is what matters most. But I miss the days of cool packaging with DVDs. Don't understand why it's harder to come by with blu-rays.

Trevorlang314 ›

Forget the DVD. I just got mine. They included some of the deleted and alternate scenes, but didn't put the audio commentary for the movie. This royally sucks big elephant nuts. Yes, big, hairy elephant nuts. Come on people.

horusnsx ›

The movie is great, i wanted so desperatly buy the DVD because of the extras, and guess what? there's only some of the deleted and alternate scenes.
I didn't bought it.
But on the contrary, the blu-ray have everything I wanted to see, that's totally wrong, no special edition for DVD.

craigamore ›

I've seen some, not all, but some of the deteled and alternate scenes now and more than ever, I am convinced that this movie died in the cut. A good movie could have been so much better and it really is a sad lost opportunity in my opinion.

Xeno1985 ›

Is Scott planning to release a Prometheus extended cut?Are there any rumors?

joeyjoe ›

all of the information at our disposal indicates that scott is very pleased with the way the film is currently cut. I have to say, after watching all of the deleted/alternate scenes, I agree with him. Prometheus was deftly cut. Much of the material that ended up on the cutting room floor needs to stay there. I would have liked to see the entire final conversation between weyland and vickers make it in the final cut, but beyond that, im glad everything else was left out. Alternate fifield was interesting in a design sense, but the CGI looked like garbage (per usual). Im very happy with the 4 disc blu ray set. For those who were disappointed with the bare bones dvd...the list of features have been available for some time. didnt we already know that the dvd version of prometheus was essentially just the film? 4 disc blu ray is lovely.

Freeze! ›

the documentary is amazing!

James_ ›

Brilliant! My sister got it and brought it round to watch, we forgot to watch the alternate beginning though :(

metalos ›


"Fox very kindly offered him the opportunity to create a new cut of the film, and he said 'No, this is my cut, and I'll give you thirty-something minutes of deleted scenes on the side".
Here is the whole article: Ridley Scott Says No To Director's Cut

Twitch ›

Just finished watching b-ray. Puzzled as to why about half the extended/deleted scenes didn't make it. I met someone about ten yeas ago who new some of the actors from Bladerunner and they said that R.S. was a poor editor. I'm starting to believe they where correct.

RickK ›

Ok, just got the blu-ray 3D version of the movie - kind of irritated I had to buy the most expensive (3d) option just to get all the supplemental materials but hell, it's only money right? I guess the principle bothers me more than anything. I think I liked the movie a whole lot more upon my 2nd viewing (1st was in the theater). I have to admit, watching the deleted scenes really left me wondering why in the hell some of these scenes were cut. Vicker's extened conversation with Weyland, particularly the part about wanting to be there when he drew his final breath - would have really fleshed out the scene later in the film when the engineer killed him, and vickers saw him take his last breath over the monitor abord the ship, then she's like - ok, I'm done, let's go home... really powerful scene, or it could have been had the first part not been cut out. Sheeshh.. Also the "Engineer Speaks" - why in the hell would they cut that out???!!?? So many people walked away from the movie wondering why the engineer went nuts and killed everyone, well that scene made it clear why he did it - we dared to compare ourselves to them, more than compare, weyland said they were equals, and weyland's creation was perfect - so the engineer rips davids "perfect" head off and kills almost everyone else. God this movie could have been so much better if scenes like these were kept in. One edit I do agree with is the alternate bedroom scene with Charlie and Shaw - Charlie was already unlikable enough, no need to make him a complete a$$hole. Really, his character grated my nerves. The alternate scene where Shaw tells David "that's because you're a f**king robot" and stuffs his head into the duffel bag was funny as shit!!

Order66 ›

Has anyone noticed that when the thunder storm is approaching the engineer's pyramid, two guys leave with the truck, leaving 6 people (shaw, holloway, david, ford, fifield and mylburn) with only two AUV01 Transport Vehicle that have a max capacity of four people?

zhwsi ›

SubsumeYou ›

I finally got the blu-ray 3d/blu-ray/dvd/digital copy. Now, all I need is a digital television and a Blu-ray playing system.

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