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MPC Prometheus VFX Breakdown Video

Prometheus MovieNews › MPC Prometheus VFX Breakdown Video

Chris ›

MPC Have released a video featurette showing the breakdown of various visual effects used in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Some truly remarkable footage for sure. The visual effects in Prometheus were mind blowing, watch the video on Youtube via the link below now!

Thanks to MPC for the link!

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sorry Chris, but I'm not impressed!kajkajakjakakaj is cool dude!!!


There's this one too from MPC that explains it in more depth - a narrative to that if you will

MPC Prometheus featurette - Creating LV-223

Feebs ›

Thanks to this I noticed that I have to update my Flash Player :D

Custodian ›

OMG, some of those correction layers are phenomenal.

Mateo ›

that's the launch sequence of rovers across the landscape, a beautiful snapshot!

zhwsi ›

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