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Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequel!

Prometheus MovieNews › Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequel!

Chris ›

Prometheus director Ridley Scott recently spoke about Prometheus, it's sequel Paradise and the rumors surrounding the Blade Runner sequel with According to Ridley - Blade Runner is definitely happening. So read on for an excerpt from the interview!


What made you want to tackle sci-fi again?

I hadnít done sci-fi for so long and I enjoyed doing it. Plus, when it comes to the Alien world, no one else had addressed the origin question and I thought that was interesting to tackle. Prometheus evolved into a whole other universe. Youíve got a person [Noomi Rapaceís Elizabeth Shaw] with a head in a bag [ Michael Fassbenderís David] that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and sheís gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, heís dangerous.

So thatís the sequel?

[Laughs] I wish it was that easy. Theyíre going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?

Was it your idea to shoot in 3D?

Yes, but it was an obvious thing to do. I may as well join the club, you know? Celluloid is disappearing. The labs donít exist any more except to service the old films. I like the digital process. Itís more reliable. You push a button and you get 5,000 prints that are all exactly the same but if I was going to do it physically with film, at the end of the process the chemical has gotten so used itís no longer functioning. I would never use film again.

Why did you use a lot of real sets rather than full CGI like, say, Avatar?

[Laughs] Because it was a quarter of the price of Avatar. Sorry, Jim! Iím a cameraman, primarily. My films have always been criticised for being too visual, too misty, too this or too that, but I donít care. Weíre dealing with a visual medium; storytelling is entirely visual, as Hitchcock said. Because I went to art school and I can draw, I know exactly how the script is going to evolve into a film.

There is a rumour youíll be making a Blade Runner sequel.

Itís not a rumour Ė itís happening. With Harrison Ford? I donít know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we donít know how long he can live [laughs]. And thatís all Iím going to say at this stage.

For those interested in Ridley's return to the Blade Runner universe, check out for more news on the film's development and to engage with other fans in the Blade Runner forums!

For those looking forward to PARADISE, Prometheus' sequel, be sure to visit the Prometheus Sequel Forums for speculation, news and discussions!


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Comments (0)

Freeze! ›

Can't wait!

galacticnorth ›

a prometheus sequel and a blade runner sequel......ok that's simple the best movie-news i ever heard :)

Paul Littlefield ›

That's made MY day.

Mateo ›

Scott staked him (H Ford) once, and he want a safe bet this time.

SubsumeYou ›

Paradise. Yes!!!!

Xeno1985 ›

He shouldn't do a Blade Runner Sequel.The 1982 movie is perfect ans doesn't need sequel.

ctomb ›

Deckard was a Nexus-6 for sure? According to Ridley he was!

AlienAge11 ›

I wonder if Weyland and Tyrell will meet..?

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

Yay! Best news in a while :) Can't wait , Paradise, Blade Runner Sequel, life is good.

Major Noob ›

Oh that's brilliant. Made my day too!

Svanya ›

All you Blade Runner fans should visit me at we have everything Blade Runner 2 there. :D

Klepto440p ›

A nice steady stream of grown up scifi.....I like that!!!......... immensely

Patient Leech ›

Oh how sweet it is... bring on Paradise ASAP!

zhwsi ›

Xenotron ›

I don't understand how one would market a supposed horror movie called "Paradise" under the logic Ridley claims.

Deckard was a replicant in Scott's mind, but not in Ford's and I think the story is more interesting if Deckard was human after all. I'll go into detail if you care.

I hope Harrison Ford says "no" to Blade Runner 2.

I hope it doesn't tie to Alien or Prometheus.

I'll praise him for using real sets and props, though.

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