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NECA Reveals Prometheus Trilobite vs. Engineer Figures!

Prometheus MovieNews › NECA Reveals Prometheus Trilobite vs. Engineer Figures!

Chris ›

NECA has just posted some promotional images of the next set of Prometheus action figures to roll out later this year. These ones being the Trilobite vs. Engineer figures. Below are the promotional images released by NECA Toys.










Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Comments (0)

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

Yay! Finally found a store in my city that cells these beautiful creations ;) & thank gosh they're not super expensive.

SubsumeYou ›

What bothers me is why, in the movie, the Engineer kept opening his mouth, by his expression, he recognized the creature. Anyone else care to comment on this? Good morning, everyone!

spacejock ›

I think he opened his mouth because Cuddles was suffocating him; its a way for the facehugger to do its thing and make sure it can orally rape its prey.

SubsumeYou ›

I think you may be right. Had he been aware all along of this creature, I think the Engineer would have devised a means to eliminate the beast.

loadagain ›

Looks like a cool set, but it looks like they haven't improved the pressure suit Engineer's mold much, so I don't think I'll be getting this. I'll have to see more pics, but I have both the figures that have been released so far, and the Engineer's hips are oddly wide, the chest is too narrow, and the head is too big. I really hope Hot Toys makes an Engineer figure!

I wonder what that accessory is though, between the engineer and the trilobite in the packaging?

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