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Jon Spaihts Prometheus Script Leaked - CONFIRMED

Prometheus MovieNews › Jon Spaihts Prometheus Script Leaked - CONFIRMED

Chris ›

Yesterday, Prometheus forum member ONEIRONAUT 717 shared a link with us that lead to what could be Jon Spaihts' original Prometheus script. We've reached out to Jon on Twitter and await a reply. Last week, we received what was said to be Damon Lindelof's script but no confirmation of that claim being true however. Many fans are intrigued by this new script however, so it might have some promise! You can read it via the link


Jon has got back to us and confirms this script is authentic! This is Jon's Prometheus draft, enjoy! You can read it by clicking the link below:
Script Removed At Request of 20th Century Fox

What do you think?

Original discussion

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The High Priest ›

my God....why didn't they film this? So much better than the Sphaits/Lindelof hybrid!

SubsumeYou ›

In my opinion, some of it is interesting and sheds more light, but over all, I like the film version, although I will confess readily that I dislike the still-human Fifeld. The special effects and creature costume department should have been used to go all out to depict the creature.

aintnozeno ›


Darker, more sinister, cooler Engineers and Aliens, and quite scary to boot. THIS was the story I had hoped for. I'm sure many others did as well.

Plus, no plot holes! This was AWESOME.

NCC 1701 ›

there you go Chris ,,,nice mention for your site

Your text to link here...

Seven Dreamers ›

I found Mr Spaihts' original imagining very credible and faithful to the original Alien tale but still cannot fault Mr Scotts' final interpretation.

Scidley ›

gonzo ›

Wow! Had an amazing time reading this script. Wish they had made it into a movie. Med pod scene with chestburster ripping out of Shaw's chest, Alien/Engineer hybrid, 3 dimensional characters and as mentioned before - no plot holes!

Yeats Goodwin ›

I'm gonna bite the bullet and say Lindelof's draft is exponentially better, if not more frustrating. I was a bit disappointed Xenomorphs weren't a part of the final film's fabric, but their presence in Spaiht's version don't really add much at all. Nothing new or interesting save for the Ultramorph, which is probably why they were scrapped in the first place. I think most everyone can agree that David was the most entertaining aspect of Prometheus, but here he is devoid of all the wit and subtlety that made the character so damn endearing. When I watch Prometheus I find myself giddy and on the verge of laughing at every single word leaving Fassbender's mouth. There was little to no lines of dialogue that had me caring about these characters, although the Fifield/Milburn quip deserved to be in the final film. Lindelof has a passion for creating cute, 3-dimensional red shirts, but like most Milburn and Fifield frustrated me. In hindsight I don't think they were necessary at all, I wasn't a fan of the hammerpede sequence in general. Could've spent that time on something far cooler, with characters we actually care about. All in all though, the final version is a more refined and focused version, perhaps a little too focused sometimes, but there is nuance and careful storytelling in Lindelof's work.

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