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What Prometheus 'Could Have Been'

Prometheus MovieNews › What Prometheus 'Could Have Been'

Chris ›

The web's been buzzing with talk over Jon Spaihts' Prometheus script entitled ALIEN: Engineers which was leaked to us earlier this week. Unfortunately, Fox contacted us requesting that we remove links to the script from our site, but not before some of us got to enjoy the read. I myself, thoroughly enjoyed the script and found it quite interesting and have since posted a small article about it, breaking down some aspects of the script which differed from what we saw in Prometheus.

The write-up doesn't cover every single detail of the script, but mainly just highlights some moments that I found interesting and which significantly differed from Lindelof's re-write. You can have a read via the link below and share your opinions of the script if you got the chance to read it in the Prometheus Forum.

Do you think Jon's script ideas would make a good addition to the sequel to Prometheus? Don't forget to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below or in the Prometheus forums.

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Comments (0)

Mateo ›

I must to confess I never love Lindelof as a screenwriter, I never liked him, RS manages the Sci-Fi better than anyone, but the problem is he need a good writers, Prometheus is visually striking, but the history have many holes.

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

Although I haven't read much of either script just printed them out to be safe but I'm definitely in love with the lines "We crash into a pool beneath. Still a current here... but it calms as the water laps up on a pastoral untouched sand... and now... there, from the pool -- something emerging... A Hand. Pale and new. Fingers outstretched. Hard to tell if they belong to a human or a salamander, but either way... It Is Life."
Would have made the scene a little easier for some to understand, and it doesn't just dwell on the fact that they changed their DNA but rather that they actually created us. Anyways back to reading. :)

BigDave ›

I thought some of Spaights draft had some good points but if i was in charge of the Final Draft i think i would have borrowed more from Lindeloffs ideas than Spaights but thats not to say i love Lindeloffs i just prefer the ideas he had but not how they was executed.

I liked how Spaights get things a little more simple as far as the effect of the Scarabs but then the Goo was the same, only things that made the Goo hard to grasp was comments like Shaws about the infection and Davids sometimes to create one must destroy.

I had a theory on the Goo that made perfect sense... but with the release of the Weyland File on the Goo it makes my theory non plausible, while making a easy explanation for the Goo that frankly does not match what we really see happens in the movie.

BigDave ›

Ultimately i would have combined some ideas from both....

The Holloway Chest Buster Scene would have been great and i would have had that the Chest Buster then infected Shaw and it was through this that Shaw got Pregnant and latter she removed it as per Lindeloffs Script.

But i would not have had Holloway Face Hugged i would have had him infected some how by David.

Svanya ›

I read his script before Fox took it down. (I read both scripts). While I enjoyed it I agree with the changes Lindelof added.

Major Noob ›

I read and enjoyed both, but what struck me was how central the directors role is to take stories and mold them into something more. Also, I'm vindicated, as Millburn said in Spaihts' script, the spacesuit is " Bulletproof"! His confidence before the Hammerpede explained, per NOOB.

craigamore ›

I read the script and I'm pissed. Granted, there's a number of things in Spaiths' script that needed changing, ideas I really didn't like, but I would much rather have seen this movie, on the whole, than what we got. I'm Mad...I mean really angry and I don't know what else to say.......

Tooltip ›

Yeah, I'm also mad. After first seeing Prometheus I felt it was a very good yet flawed film and I liked it a lot. But now after reading Spaihts script and going through the material on the iPad app I must say that I question Scotts judgement. There is a LOT of fantastic ideas everywhere. It's just a shame that Neville Pages and Rezards alien designs never where used. When you read Spaihts script (and yes it's not perfect) you really see how theese could have been used. I'm not by any means a professional screenwriter but I can see how scary and potent his vision is. Also the extra scenes on the Blu-ray that explains a lot of the strange things, why this peculiar cut of the movie? And WHY not use the Weta designed Fifield mutation scene... An actor in make up, well. It can't be that Lindelof came in and destroyed it all like many seem to believe, it must have been Scotts vision all along and that is sad. This really could have been a scary and epic thing and I remember long ago reading that Scott wanted to scare the hell out of everyone. To bad it had to end like this, I DO hope a sequel can somehow rescue this but I doubt it...

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